Disruptive passenger forces crew of a Jet2 flight to divert to Vienna


The behaviour of a disruptive passenger on board a Jet2 flight between Manchester, United Kingdom and Antalya, Turkey on 21 March was so terrible that the crew decided to divert to Vienna, Austria to offload her. 

Flight LS895, an Airbus A321 (registered G-HLYF) departed uneventfully, but one hour twenty minutes into the flight, a passenger became disruptive. Screaming, shouting, disturbing the crew and allegedly hitting one fellow passenger.

Once the passenger left, the flight continued to Antalya, albeit with a delay of two hours.

On the incident, Jet2 commented: “We can confirm that flight LS895 from Manchester to Antalya diverted to Vienna earlier (21 March) so that a disruptive passenger could be offloaded.

As a family-friendly airline, we take a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour.



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