Disruptive passenger forces a Jet2 Airbus A321 to return to Stansted Airport, United Kingdom


On 22 June, a Jet2 Airbus A321 (G-POWU) was forced to return to Stansted Airport, United Kingdom after an incident with an extremely disruptive 25-year-old passenger. A visibly drunk women allegedly tried to open the aircraft’s door. 

The crew – operating flight LS1503 to Dalaman, Turkey – decided to return to Stansted as the situation on board got completely out of control. Just after the decision to head back, two RAF Typhoon fighter jets scrambled to escort the aircraft. A sonic boom was heard by local residents.

Officers attended and arrested a 25-year-old woman on suspicion of two assaults and endangering an aircraft. For a while, she remained in custody but has now been released on bail.

Jet2 confirmed the incident and said: “We are aware of an incident regarding an extremely disruptive passenger on a flight from Stansted to Dalaman earlier this evening.

“The aircraft has returned safely and we are liaising with the relevant authorities to support their investigation.

We are doing everything to get our stranded passengers to Dalaman as soon as possible.


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