A Jet2 plane diverted to Manchester because there was no water on board for tea and coffee


The coffee or tea break is of considerable importance for some (British) people. So much so that, during a Jet2.com holiday flight, the crew decided to make an unscheduled stop in Manchester to collect water … for hot drinks.

There was a technical issue with water on board. There wasn’t hot water for teas and coffees,” said a Jet2 spokeswoman in a statement.

The Boeing 737-800 registered G-JZBO bound for Tenerife South had just taken off from Glasgow airport in Scotland at 08:55 on 10 February. It made a U-turn above Cork in Ireland just one hour after leaving Scotland to land in Manchester.

Passengers had been transferred onto another flight to Tenerife and were being “well looked after”, said the spokeswoman. They boarded Boeing 737-800 G-DTRB which continued their flight to Tenerife under flight number EXS155D, which landed at destination at 16:32 instead of 13:25.

Hoping that at least they enjoyed a good coffee or tea, which cost them a three-hour delay, although many passengers took to social media to blast the airline for the disruption.


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