Jet Time 53rd airline to join ERA



The European Regions Airline Association (ERA) is delighted to welcome Danish charter airline, Jet Time, into membership. Flying from Copenhagen Airport, Jet Time is the third airline to join ERA this year and brings the number of airlines in ERA membership to 53.

From its start up in 2006 with just two aircraft and a handful of employees, Jet Time has expanded into the largest Danish-owned airline with more than 700 employees and a fleet of 26 aircraft, including ATR72s. Jet Time provides charter production for travel companies and single charter flights, the airline also has a business focus on the ACMI and freight markets.

Jet Time’s membership of ERA highlights the trust that Europe’s regional carriers have in the association’s influence with Europe’s regulatory bodies and the value that they place in its lobbying and communication campaigns.

Jet Time’s CEO, Teddy Zebitz, comments: “As a major player in Danish aviation, Jet Time will definitely benefit from being part of this European association with all the knowledge and expertise it offers. We see ERA as an important partner in raising political issues and agendas that will benefit European aviation, and we are very happy to be part of ERA.”

Director General of ERA, Simon McNamara, adds: “Jet Time is a great example of a European regional airline that has adapted its services according to market demands with a focus on the expanding ACMI market. ERA is looking forward to working with Jet Time as the airline continues with its development plans.”

ERA head office, UK, 7 April 2016