Ailing Jet Airways’ fleet has been reduced to one third; Indian aviation authorities on the lookout


In a recent meeting with Jet Airways, the Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) reviewed the operational, airworthiness and “passenger facilitation” performance of ailing airline Jet Airways. The airline is currently operating 41 aircraft, that’s only one third of the fleet. 

The airline still schedules 603 domestic flights and 382 international flights, but further attrition might be possible in the coming weeks. DGCA insisted that the airline complies with all relevant provisions to assist the passengers: timely communication, financial compensations in case of cancellations, refunds and proper rebookings.

DGCA also instructed that all aircraft, operating or grounded, are maintained in accordance with the Approved Maintenance Program (AMP). Furthermore, the operator must ensure that no pilots, cabin crew or other staff be rostered on duty who had reported stress of any nature. “We are continuously monitoring Jet Airways’ overall situation and we will take appropriate measures by the end of the month, if needed,” DGCA added.


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