“ZIPAIR Tokyo” becomes Japan`s first medium- to long-haul low-cost carrier

During a press conference held at Japan Airlines Headquarters on Friday afternoon, T.B.L. Co., Ltd. Representative Director and President, Shingo Nishida, announced the name of Japan`s first medium- to long-haul low-cost carrier as ZIPAIR. With the registration now official, the company will be established as ZIPAIR Tokyo Inc., as of March 8, 2019. As previously announced, the new carrier will prepare for launch during the summer schedule of 2020.


Brand and Trade Name

As a result of this announcement, T.B.L. Co., Ltd. will officially change its trade name to ZIPAIR Tokyo Inc. and has released the company`s logo as shown above.

About the Name

‘ZIPAIR Tokyo’ is a coined word derived from the English word ZIP, which describes speed, such as how fast time can pass when travelling on a unique airline. In addition, the brand name incorporates the idea of travelling to destinations in various ZIP CODES, while aiming to create a calculated travel experience that encompasses the originality and ingenuity of the Japanese culture. And finally, the word Tokyo was added to the name, as the airline will be based in one of the most advanced cities in the world.

About the Logo and Corporate Colour

The logo was developed in consultation with SIX INC.; a creative engagement agency based in Tokyo and has a track record of winning more than 400 creative awards in Japan and abroad, including CANNES LIONS.(SIX INC. URL – sixinc.jp)

The font is set in Roman and the corporate image will feature two-tones in what the company calls Harmony Gray and Trust Green. The grey tone features a feeling of balance and satisfaction with the cost of services provided, while green provides a sense of safety. Going forward, ZIPAIR will feature this unique logo and colour scheme in its corporate branding materials.

  • March 08, 2019


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