New Amenity Kits onboard JAL International First Class


Japan Airlines (JAL) will provide new amenity kits for its International First Class, starting March 28, 2017.

JAL developed new amenity kits in collaboration with PORSCHE DESIGN which is the German premium lifestyle brand.

Two different colors of amenity kit cases will be introduced separately on flights to and from Japan, featuring the design with uniqueness.

In addition to the amenity kits, JAL will introduce new inflight relaxing wear in collaboration with PORSCHE DESIGN for a period of around 3 months.

JAL is continually striving to bring customers a unique and completely refreshing inflight experience.

Outline of service

1) Start of service: March 28, 2017

2) Applicable routes: Tokyo (Haneda or Narita) = New York (JFK), Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, London (LHR) and Paris (CDG)

3) Applicable class: First Class on International routes

4) Products: Amenity kits and inflight relaxing wear in collaboration with PORSCHE DESIGN

Colors: Red one on flights from Japan, and grey one on flights to Japan


Toothbrush set, mouth wash, earplugs, eye mask, hand & body cream (PORSCHE DESIGN), facial spray (PORSCHE DESIGN), lip balm (PORSCHE DESIGN), brush, moisture mask, and pocket tissue etc.


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