Japan Airlines unveils First and Business Class Champagne, Wine and Sake for 2019


Japan Airlines is pleased to unveil its First and Business Class champagne, wine and Japanese sake selection, which will be served on its international flights.

To highlight the carrier`s First Class selection, JAL will serve Salon 2007, a rare vintage champagne, to its First Class customers on international flights starting March 2019, as well as Chateau Lagrange, a Bordeaux wine produced in France. JAL will also provide a wide selection of top Japanese sake, ranging from emerging to rare brands, to deliver a unique dining experience that is bound to exceed customer expectations.

Salon 2007 – First Class International Flights
JAL is known to be the only airline in the world that has been serving the Salon brand on international flights since 2007. As the production of Salon champagne is limited each year, the brand is well known for its rarity in the global market. JAL`s customers will be welcomed to savor the Salon champagne, represented with the trademark “S”, in the First Class cabin.

Effective Period: from March 1, 2019
Applicable Class: First Class
Applicable Routes:
From Tokyo (Narita) to New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles
From Tokyo (Haneda) to New York, San Francisco, Paris, and London

About Salon
Salon was established in the beginning of the 1900s in Le Mesnil-sur-Ogel village in the Champagne region of France. The brand is known to cease production when crops are in poor condition, making this a rarity in the champagne market. The 2007 Vintage features fresh citrus with sprightly mineral nuances, such as white pepper and lime.

Chateau Lagrange 2013 – First Class International Flights
JAL will serve Chateau Lagrange, a wine that was once on the decline, but made a remarkable comeback under the sponsorship of Suntory, a Japanese company, and the cooperation of the University of Bordeaux. Kenishi Ohashi and Motohito Okoshi, JAL’s wine advisors, carefully selected the wine based on its quality and taste.

Effective Period: from March 1, 2019
Applicable Class: First Class
Applicable Routes:
Tokyo (Narita) to New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles routes
Tokyo (Haneda) to New York, San Francisco, Paris, and London routes
* Chateau Lagrange 2011 will be served in September and October 2019
* Starting March 1 on New York, London, and Paris routes and March 20 on other routes

Features of Chateau Legrange 2013
A particularly famous bottle produced in Saint Julien village, France. A full body wine that is well balanced and features a smooth taste.

Champagne, Wine, and Sake Selections for FY2019 International Flights
The wine selection process was headed by Mr. Kenichi Ohashi, holder of the prestigious Master of Wine qualification, who shared his knowledge and expertise on the global trends in wine quality, and Mr. Motohiro Okoshi, former sommelier-turned first wine taster in Japan.

Full List Attached (Japanese / English Version)


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