Japan Airlines celebrates 5 years at Helsinki-Vantaa

Japan Airlines’ first flight from Finland took off 1st July 2013. The milestone of Japan Airlines and Finavia’s cooperation was celebrated exactly five years from the maiden flight at Helsinki Airport.
Japan Airlines’ Helsinki-Tokyo route opening 1 July, 2013

Japan Airlines has successfully built the Tokyo-Helsinki route to be one of their international route nets cornerstones. Helsinki Airport has received compliments of its services in Japanese, as well as the comfortability of transit travel, from Japan Airlines’ passengers. We congratulate Japan Airlines on the route’s five year anniversary and thank for cooperation so far”, says Petri Vuori, VP Route Development at Finavia.

With its aircraft of 231 planes, Japan Airlines flies to 54 countries around the world with more than 40 million passengers on board a year. Most of Japan Airlines’ routes are, however, domestic flights.

From Helsinki Airport Japan Airlines flies to Narita International Airport in Tokyo once a day. The route is operated together with Finnair.

The passenger volume of the daily flight has developed positively during the past five years. In addition to Helsinki and other Finnish destinations, this route is an important gateway to also other parts of Europe. Flying this route establishes excellent connections, together with airline partners, trough Helsinki to Japan.

Japan Airlines sees its role in linking the Japanese customers and the European customers, playing a large part in acting as a gateway between Japan and Europe. The location of Helsinki Airport allows the passengers to reach the final destination within a day, which is not possible to this extent through other parts of Europe. We are very pleased with the cooperation we have with Finavia and Finnair, improving the mobility of Japanese visitors to Europe and vice versa”, says Tomoaki Nakano, Japan Airline’s Helsinki Branch manager.



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