Vueling is celebrating its 15th year and its 6 million passengers at Brussels Airport


It was in 2004 that the Spanish company, Vueling, started its first flights at Brussels Airport with a destination to and from Barcelona. Since then, the activities of Vueling have significantly increased.

This summer, five destinations are on the programme. Barcelona, of course, but also Valencia, Alicante, Santiago de Compostela and Malaga.

Between January and August 2019, no fewer than 431,000 passengers have flown with Vueling, thus an increase of 8.5% compared to last year. Furthermore, the milestone of 6 million passengers in 15 years of presence at Brussels Airport is about to be reached.

Hence, a double opportunity to celebrate together with the passengers. Today, the six millionth passenger was honoured and gifted with a return ticket to Barcelona. But, they aren’t the only passenger to participate in the celebration. All the passengers of the five Vueling flights that leave from Brussels to Spain can take advantage of cake and music.

Brussels Airport, 05 September 2019


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