The pilots of Vueling reject collective labour agreement


After more than a year of negotiations, the Vueling pilots have rejected the collective agreement.

The agreement between the Sepla pilots’ union and Vueling’s management has been rejected by the pilots in the voting that took place in Barcelona.

Three months ago, the union representation of Sepla in Vueling congratulated itself for the pre-agreement signed with the management after more than a year of negotiations. This supposed, among other points, a serious salary increase of 20 percent.

Now this pre-agreement has been rejected by the pilots in a vote according to the Sepla rule that requires that all labour agreements must be approved by the workers.

397 of the Vueling pilots have voted against the agreement reached; 252 in favour and 10 voted blank. This means that 52.24 percent of voters have voted against it.

It is not clear what will happen now.



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