Today Iberia operates a repatriation flight from Casablanca with the Airbus A350, its largest aircraft


With a capacity of 348 passengers, it will be the first time that Iberia lands in Morocco with this aircraft model.

Iberia reaffirms its commitment to its customers and to its country and, after the closure of flights with Spain and France that Morocco decreed on March 31, it has scheduled its largest aircraft, the A350, to repatriate today the largest number of passengers from there.

Iberia’s first Airbus A350 in Morocco

Iberia had originally scheduled a 200-seater plane for this afternoon’s flight, but in order for the greatest number of people to return, it will definitely operate this flight with an Airbus A350, its most efficient and largest aircraft with a capacity of 348 passengers.

Furthermore, it will be the first time that Iberia lands in Morocco with this latest generation aircraft model, the most sustainable and silent in its fleet.

As planned, this flight will depart Casablanca on Sunday, April 4, at 16:40 and will arrive in Madrid at 19:20.

More than 50 repatriation flights

Throughout the COVID crisis, Iberia has worked closely with the Foreign Ministry and the European Union and, in the first months of the pandemic, carried out more than 50 repatriation flights, some to destinations such as Australia or the Philippines, where it had not flown before.

April 04, 2021


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