Iberia’s Winter 2019/20 schedule features growth in Europe and Africa

  • The Spanish airline has unveiled its short- and medium-haul flight programme for the next winter season, with more flights, more convenient flight schedule and better connections.
  • France will benefit from additional flights to/from Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, and Nice.
  • In Italy, Florence, Bologna and Turin will also get additional capacity.
  • Elsewhere in Europe, Oslo joins Iberia’s destinations while Athens, Budapest, and Hamburg will be better served.
  • In Spain, Bilbao and La Coruña will get the biggest increases in Iberia flights.
  • In Africa, Cairo is to become an Iberia destination, and additional frequencies are planned for Marrakech and Casablanca

Just when it looks like the summer has come to stay, the Iberia Group is making preparations for the upcoming winter season that starts on 1 November, and features growth in short- and medium-haul flights to cities in Europe and Africa.


France gets the biggest boost in the number of short- and medium-haul Iberia flights, via the airline’s franchise partner Iberia Regional Air Nostrum. There will be up to three daily return flights to Marseille, an increase of four flights per week over last winter. The number of weekly flights to Bordeaux will rise from eight to 18, with up to three flights daily.

Lyon and Nice will be served with two daily return flights, four more per week than last year, while Nantes will have 13 return flights per week, five more than in last year’s winter season.

In all cases, the idea is to cover all times of the day and offer good connections at Iberia’s T4 hub in Madrid to the airline’s long-haul flights.


Growth in Italy follows that of France. Italy is another strategic market for Iberia, both in terms of point-to-point flights and for feeding the airline’s long-haul routes.

Daily Iberia flights to Florence will be increased to 10 flights a week.

Iberia Regional Air Nostrum will reach three daily return flights to Bologna for an additional four per week, while Turin will be served by twice-daily flights, three more per week than last winter.

Elsewhere in Europe

Iberia will grow in several other strategic markets, maintaining its recently-launched service to Oslo throughout the winter, with four flights per week.

Similarly, this summer’s expanded service to Athens and Budapest will continue, with six weekly flights to each throughout the winter season.

In Germany, Iberia will increase flight frequencies to Hamburg to twice daily on most days, raising the weekly total from seven to 11.

Iberia will continue to fly to Zagreb in the winter season, with three flights per week, instead of the two operated last year.

In Africa

In addition to including Cairo in its list of destinations starting in March of next year, Iberia will also grow in Marrakech, reaching two daily flights. Meanwhile, Casablanca will also get two daily flights, operated by Iberia Regional Air Nostrum.

In Spain

Madrid-La Coruña services will grow by 22% next winter, thanks to an additional four weekly flights operated by Iberia Regional Air Nostrum.

Capacity on the Madrid-Bilbao route will grow by 16% from last winter, thanks to the use on many flights of the 220-seat Airbus A321.

Madrid, 10 July 2019


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