Iberia to become first airline with Airbus A321XLR in its fleet

Iberia A321XLR

Iberia will make aviation history as the first airline globally to incorporate the new Airbus A321XLR into its fleet by the end of this summer. This innovative aircraft will bolster Iberia’s long-haul network, enabling transoceanic flights with a more sustainable, single-aisle aircraft that consumes approximately 30% less fuel compared to wide-body models.

Initially, Aer Lingus was set to become the launch customer of the A321XLR. However, Aer Lingus has forfeited its position as the launch customer due to unresolved pilot pay issues. As a result, the aircraft will now be allocated to another IAG group airline: Iberia.

Key Features and Benefits of the A321XLR

  1. Sustainable and Efficient:
    • The A321XLR is designed to be more fuel-efficient, reducing fuel consumption by about 30% compared to traditional wide-body aircraft.
    • This sustainability effort aligns with Iberia’s commitment to lowering emissions across its operations.
  2. Enhanced Passenger Experience:
    • Business Class: Features 14 individual window seats that convert into beds, each with direct aisle access. Seats include:
      • 18-inch 4K screens for enhanced in-flight entertainment.
      • Personal lighting systems and backlit seat numbers for nighttime visibility.
      • Leather headrests and ample storage for personal items.
    • Economy Class: Offers 168 seats with:
      • The latest Recaro CL3810 model, featuring a four-inch recline and leather headrests.
      • Additional storage pockets and improved USB charging ports.
      • Bluetooth connectivity for personal headphones and optimized tray designs for electronic devices.
  3. Modern Amenities:
    • Larger overhead compartments capable of storing 60% more carry-on luggage.
    • Six different cabin lighting styles for enhanced comfort.
    • Four advanced bathrooms with antibacterial surfaces and motion-sensor faucets.
    • Free WiFi service for messaging throughout the flight.

Strategic Route Deployment

Initially, the A321XLR will serve medium-range routes for acclimatisation. By the next winter season, it is expected to commence long-haul operations, with Boston and Washington DC as likely inaugural destinations. This move underscores Iberia’s strategic focus on the North American market and its commitment to expanding and optimising its long-haul network.

CEO Commentary

Iberia’s CEO, Javier Sánchez-Prieto, commented on the milestone: “Introducing the A321XLR to our fleet marks a significant step in our sustainability journey and enhances our ability to meet diverse market demands with a single-aisle aircraft capable of long-haul flights. This aircraft will revolutionize our operations, offering a premium experience while aligning with our environmental goals.

Future Fleet Expansion

Iberia will receive the first A321XLR by the end of summer 2024, followed by seven additional units. This fleet expansion will not only strengthen Iberia’s long-haul capabilities but also provide greater flexibility in fleet utilisation according to market demand, ensuring a more efficient and sustainable operation.


The introduction of the Airbus A321XLR positions Iberia at the forefront of aviation innovation, blending sustainability with premium service. This advancement reflects Iberia’s ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and customer satisfaction, ensuring a superior travel experience while significantly reducing its carbon footprint.


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