Iberia launches new corporate website

  • A more modern, fresh, and intuitive design.
  • Featuring an online “press office” with news, picture, videos, documentation, and in-flight magazines, all easy to download.
  • With a map showing all 135 Iberia destinations and the 280 additional airports that can be reached under a code-sharing agreement with partner airlines.
  • In the Fleet section, all Iberia aircraft are shown, with technical information, the number of units of each, seating maps, and several photos that can be downloaded.

Iberia has just launched its new corporate website, http://grupo.iberia.es, with a more modern, fresh, and intuitive design, providing exhaustive information about the company, its business, history, magnitudes, values, and philosophy.

About Iberia

The website opens with the company slogan, “Every day is the first day”, and an explanation of its meaning by Chairman Luis Gallego: “What counts is not our past achievements, but what we do today. It doesn’t matter that we were the world’s most punctual airline in 2016 and 2017, but only that we can maintain that position. Accordingly, we must work every day, on every flight, with all the care, commitment and enthusiasm as if it were the first day”.

About Iberia, the first section, tells about the company, the brand and its values, its business, strategy, structure, and history, in words and figures:

  • Brand and values. The Iberia brand is much more than a logo or a symbol. It represents a new strategy, a new culture, and a new way of doing things, with an eye on the future. It is all explained here.
  • Our Business. This extends beyond the transportation of passengers and freight, to airport handling operations and aircraft maintenance for third-party customers. Here each of these activities is explained. The key figures are given, and employees tell us about their jobs.
  • Iberia flies directly to 135 airports around the world, and under code sharing with regional partners to an additional 280. The map shows all these destinations.
  • Fleet. Here we learn how many units of each model are flown by Iberia, what engines power them, the number and configuration of seats, etc. Photos of each type of aircraft can be downloaded from the site.
  • From survival to excellence –the aims and innovations of Iberia’s Future Plan.
  • Organisational Structure. Here is the downloadable organisational diagram of the company, along with the résumés of each member of the Management Committee.
  • History. A decade-by-decade review of Iberia’s more than 90 years in the air, with photos of all the Iberia aircraft ever flown, advertising and posters, and crew uniforms reflecting changing fashions. A treat for the eyes!

Press Office

Press Office. This section is designed to be of use chiefly to communications media but is available to the public at large. Here we find the latest Iberia news, announcements of upcoming events, photos and videos organised into categories to facilitate their location, and the past 12 issues of Iberia’s in-flight magazines –Ronda, Excelente, Ronda China, and Ronda Japan, plus Iberia’s latest posts on social media, and other documentation. All is downloadable with a single click.

Visitors to the site are encouraged to sign up for email updates of the latest Iberia news.


Iberia was and remains a pioneer in corporate social responsibility. Here we learn how it fulfils its commitments to society and the environment, and about its latest initiatives in this important area.

Working in Iberia

The last section of Iberia’s new corporate website concerns employment, and it encourages qualified people to consider joining the Iberia family.

Madrid, 16 January 2019


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