One of the doors of a British Airways Boeing 777 ripped off at Cape Town


A strange incident occurred at Cape Town airport in South Africa this Wednesday, 26 January 2022. A British Airways Boeing 777-200ER registered G-YMMH was supposed to perform flight BA42 from Cape Town (South Africa) to London Heathrow (England). The aircraft was being pushed back with the jet bridge still attached. The door was ripped off in the incident.

The flight was cancelled.



  1. At the time of push-back, about 0535UTC, the sun was only 18° above the horizon and at 100° in azimuth which is about 25° off the stand centreline to the right of the operator.
    This puts the sun about between the left main gear and engine N°1, low above the horizon and most probably dazzling the operator.
    The boarding bridge tunnel and cabin are way up higher and the PBB columns offset more than 45° to the operator’s right.
    I can fully accept that he didn’t see the PBB was still connected.
    No wing walkers, one PBB operator late, … cheap is costly.


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