Here is British Airways’ crew of 8 Meg(h)an’s and two Harry’s on flight BA93 to Toronto


On this day of the Royal wedding in Windsor, British Airways has released the pictures of a crew composed of only Meg(h)an’s and Harry’s, which was announced here earlier this week.

To celebrate the Royal wedding, the BA93 flight to Toronto, the city where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s relationship took off, today is operated by an all-star crew of only Megan and Harry’s, pictured here.

LONDON, ENGLAND – MAY 19: British Airways cabin crew, all named Harry or Meghan, who will be operating today’s Heathrow to Toronto flight in celebration of the Royal Wedding at Heathrow Airport on May 19, 2018 in London, England. (Photo by Nicky J Sims/Getty Images for British Airways)

The 10-strong cabin crew, made up of two Harry’s and eight Megan’s, are operating the flight that departs from Heathrow and lands into Toronto at 15:55 local time when the wedding reception will be in full swing. Senior First Officer, Harry Blake, will be behind the controls of the flight deck, alongside the Captain.

Megan Horsley, British Airways Customer Service Manager, who will lead the namesake crew, said: “Harry and Meghan’s relationship started across the Atlantic so it seemed fitting for all of us to take-off to Toronto on their special day. I’ve flown with another Megan once or twice before, but never seven so we might have to all call each other by our surnames during this very special flight!

But didn’t British Airways find any captain named Harry or Megan?


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