British Airways fires two flight attendants after racist video mocking Chinese family surfaces


Two British Airways flight attendants have been dismissed for creating a racist video mocking Asian passengers. In the video, they mimic slanting their eyes and laugh with a Chinese accent. The two posted the video themselves on social media, where it quickly stirred controversy.

Both Holly Walton and Lauren Bray were subsequently terminated by British Airways. Social media users have reacted with horror to the video. Colleagues were also “stunned” after realising that the two were imitating a Chinese family on their flight who did not speak English well.

A British Airways crew member told British tabloid The Sun: “This recording is obscene. For anyone to have such racist thoughts, to then film them and share it with the world, is shocking and dumb in equal measure.

This is hugely damaging for the airline and they deserved the axe.”

This incident underscores a significant shift in societal norms, highlighting that the era where it was considered acceptable to mock people based on their race, religion and/or ethnicity is long gone.


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