British Airways’ final retro livery aircraft (Negus) is about to leave the paint shop


On 21 March, the final British Airways retro livery aircraft will be leaving the paint shop at Dublin Airport. The Boeing 747-400 (G-CIVB) in Negus design is the final in a series of four heritage liveries being painted as part of British Airways’ centenary celebrations – a British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) liveried Boeing 747, a British European Airways (BEA) Airbus 319 and a British Airways Landor 747 are already in the skies.

Negus design on a Boeing 747 will complete British Airways Heritage livery set

Tomorrow, the 747 will leave Dublin Airport at 09:30 (UTC) and is expected at London Heathrow around 10:55.

Looks like Dave Wallsworth, a famous twitter captain, will be flying the aircraft.


British Airways’ Boeing 747 in BOAC livery has arrived at London Heathrow

British Airways’ Boeing 747 in Landor livery has landed at London Heathrow

British Airways Airbus A319 in stunning British European Airways (BEA) livery



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