British Airways check-in staff request same pay-rise and threaten to strike


Check-in staff, employed by British Airways and working at London Heathrow have voted for a strike action in a dispute over pay. Over 500 members of union Unite voted in favour of a strike. According to the unions, the management of British Airways is restoring the 10% pay cut made during the pandemic for its management, but not for the check-in staff. 

Unite is now giving the airline a short window of opportunity to remove the 10 per cent pay cut before announcing strikes which will cause severe disruption to flights this summer.

Unite national officer for aviation Oliver Richardson said: “The problems British Airways is facing are entirely of its own making. It brutally cut jobs and pay during the pandemic even though the government was paying them to save jobs.

“In the case of this dispute, they have insulted this workforce, slashing pay by 10 per cent only to restore it to managers but not to our members.

“BA is treating its loyal workforce as second class citizens and they will not put up with it a moment longer.

“Strike action will inevitably cause severe disruption to BA’s services at Heathrow.

“The company has a short window of opportunity to reinstate our members pay before strikes are called. I urge BA not to squander that opportunity.”


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