British Airways cancels Boeing 747 domestic upgrades, originally scheduled on 25 August


What should have been a highlight for plane spotters and other aviation enthusiasts has now turned into a major fiasco. On 25 August, British Airways upgraded three of its domestic U.K. flights from their usual Airbus fleet to the Boeing 747-400s with retro heritage livery such as BOAC, Landor or Negus.

Spotters – not only from the U.K. – rejoiced to fly between London Heathrow and Manchester, Newcastle or Glasgow on the “Queen of the skies” as part of the airline’s centenary celebrations and immediately booked a ticket on one of the special flights.

But the British airline has now abandoned these plans. They do offer a full refund for people who no longer wish to travel on the much smaller (and standard) Airbuses.

The airline said that these flights were always subject to equipment changes. “We understand that, after speculation on aviation websites, some of our customers booked on these flights hoping to be part of our birthday celebration“, the airline wrote in an e-mail to the affected passengers.


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