British Airways trials “Our Trip” system to make it easier for groups to book

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British Airways is trialling a new system called ‘Our Trip’, which aims to make booking group travel even easier.

The new system removes the requirement for an individual to have to co-ordinate the trip, book all the tickets, and for everyone to travel on the same flight.

Now, one person simply needs to set up the group on the ‘Our Trip’ site and then they can invite friends and family who are travelling to join it. Each individual customer can then select and pay for their flights as normal through They can travel on separate flights on different days if they so choose.

Once they’ve made their booking, they simply register it on ‘Our Trip’ to be recognised as part of the group. Provided the group has travelled and spent at least one day together by June 21, 2016, everyone who has taken the trip then receives a discount on a future booking – either ten per cent off if there were between five and ten people, or fifteen per cent for groups of 11 or more.

The trial is available for any groups who are booking to travel from the UK to the USA, Canada or Mexico.

Adam Daniels, British Airways’ acting chief commercial officer, said: “We are always looking at ways to make our customers’ lives easy and to take the stress out of arranging a trip. We know that juggling groups can be complex and fall on the shoulders of just one organiser.  The aim of ‘Our Trip’ is to make it really easy and flexible for groups to fly with British Airways. The fact that individuals can book and pay for their own flights and then simply register as part of the group makes it really simple for everyone involved. They don’t need to travel together, and the only requirement is that everyone on the group overlaps at their destination on the same day.

British Airways is now offering customers looking to spend their Avios on flights an easier way to do so by searching on a new Reward Flight Finder on the British Airways app.

February 02, 2016


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