British Airways Boeing 777 returns to London Heathrow after fumes in the cockpit


On 3 July, a British Airways Boeing 777-200ER (G-YMMU) operated flight BA119 between London Heathrow, U.K. and Bangalore, India. Flying over Southeast England, however, the pilots squawked a 7700 general emergency distress signal adding “technical issues“: fumes were spotted in the cockpit prompting the crew to put on their oxygen masks, to dump fuel above the English Channel and to head back to Heathrow. 

Vinita A Shetty, one of the passengers on board wrote her experience on Twitter: “Quite scary for us passengers on the said flight but we are back in London safe. Kudos to @British_Airways pilot Adam B for landing flight #ba119 safely after fumes were spotted in the cockpit. The pilots wore oxygen masks. Crew kept their cool and made sure no one panicked.”


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