British Airways Airbus A380 encounters flaps retraction problem, dumps fuel and returns to Heathrow


On 8 February, a British Airways Airbus A380 (G-XLEA) departed London Heathrow for flight BA27 to Hong Kong. The aircraft, however, encountered a flaps retraction problem shortly after take-off forcing the pilots to descend to 10,000 feet and to dump fuel above the North Sea to reduce the landing weight.

At moment of writing, the aircraft was still dumping fuel. The aircraft will head back to London Heathrow where a new departure time has been foreseen at 02:30 (UTC).

It’s not the first technical issue with an A380 departing from London Heathrow this week as on 7 February a Qantas Airbus A380 (VH-OQE) to Singapore as QF2 returned to London Heathrow after a problem with one of its cargo doors.


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