Loganair in interline agreement with Aer Lingus: from local to international


Loganair, the UK’s largest regional airline, has entered into an interline agreement with Aer Lingus, the Irish flag carrier, to enhance global connectivity for their passengers.

The partnership allows Loganair customers to access Aer Lingus’ North American routes via Dublin and Manchester, providing the advantage of clearing US Immigration at Dublin before departure. This eliminates the need for clearance upon arrival in the United States.

Additionally, passengers from the Isle of Man and Newquay can now connect to Aer Lingus’ North American routes through Manchester.

The agreement also benefits Aer Lingus customers, who can now travel to Scottish airports, including Loganair’s unique destinations, as well as Manchester, expanding Ireland’s connections with the UK. The partnership aligns with Loganair’s strategy of increasing its interline and codeshare agreements.

Aer Lingus expects an extensive North American program this summer, offering 2.25 million seats across 19 transatlantic routes. The agreement with Aer Lingus adds to Loganair’s existing partnerships with airlines such as British Airways, Emirates, and United Airlines, providing access to global onward travel from remote UK communities. Both airlines are enthusiastic about the collaboration and the opportunities it presents for their customers.


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