InselAir Aruba will be declared bankrupt this week


The curator in charge of InselAir Aruba will ask the judge to declare the airline bankrupt this week. Jeanot de Cuba, who has been appointed by the Court as curator, has submitted a letter to turn the suspension of payment into bankruptcy.

The Court will hear the management of the airline this week and make its decision.

With this act, the curator will do exactly what she said she will do a few weeks ago which is pull the plug on the airline. According to NoticiaCla, the case will be treated in Court this Wednesday.

Since 2006 InselAir grew to be one of the best airlines in providing international flexible connectivity to North and South America as well as the Caribbean region. Due to frequent flights and a very short flight time between InselAir’s home-base Curaçao and its hub on Aruba, in combination with its extensive network of 26 destinations, InselAir provides passengers great connectivity within the Pan-American region. InselAir’s interline partnerships (which include, amongst others, Air Berlin, KLM/Air France, Winair, Avianca and GOL) and code shares (KLM/Air France) add further value to this connectivity, allowing its passengers to connect throughout the world.

InselAir is the largest Caribbean-based airline and expects to carry 1.4 million passengers this year (2016), employs around 750 people, offers approximately 70 daily flights to 26 destinations and plans to grow to 30 destinations in 2016. InselAir’s fleet consist of in total 18 aircraft (7 x McDonnell Douglas, 3 x Fokker 70, 6 x Fokker 50 and 2 x Embraer Bandeirante) and is adding more aircraft to its fleet in 2016. InselAir’s passengers enjoy luggage allowance of one free checked bag and ample legroom. Comfort Class passengers enjoy, among others, pre-boarding, access to business lounges, extra legroom and extra luggage allowance. Destinations in South America include: Manaus, Georgetown, Paramaribo, Caracas, Barquisimeto, Las Piedras, Maracaibo, Valencia, Barranquilla, Medellin,  Quito destinations in the Caribbean include Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Havana, Holguin, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara, Camaguey, St. Maarten, Port-of-Spain, San Juan, Santo Domingo, Port-au-Prince, Kingston and Miami in the USA. Reaching Higher!


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