Icelandair sets sail for Lisbon: new route and deeper partnership with TAP Air Portugal

Icelandair is expanding its horizons with a new twice-weekly winter route to Lisbon, Portugal starting October 11th. This exciting addition boasts a rich history, charming neighbourhoods, and beautiful beaches, making it a perfect getaway for any traveller.

But that’s not all! Icelandair is also strengthening its ties with TAP Air Portugal through a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This paves the way for a future codeshare agreement, allowing seamless travel across both airlines’ networks. Passengers will benefit from new connections between Iceland and Lisbon, as well as onward destinations, leveraging both airlines’ popular Stopover programmes for even more travel options.

This strategic partnership is a win-win for both airlines. Icelandair gains access to TAP’s extensive network in Brazil and Africa, while TAP opens up connections to Iceland, a top travel destination, and connects its passengers to Icelandair’s network.

Both CEOs expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration, highlighting the focus on creating smoother and more enjoyable travel experiences.


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