Icelandair sends two of its own baggage handlers to Amsterdam on each flight to the Dutch capital

Airports in many countries are struggling with staff shortages which are causing huge delays. The situation is particularly bad at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, where Icelandair has responded by sending its own staff to load and unload its flights.

Icelandair has been doing all it can to minimise delays at struggling airports. Crewmembers have even helped load and unload planes, on their own initiative.

We have also been sending people ourselves out to smooth over the bag problems that have come up. Since last Friday, we have added two baggage handlers to our crew to Amsterdam to speed things up and keep planes on time,” an Icelandair spokeswoman said to RÚV. The idea worked well and it is continuing all this week, after which time the situation will be re-assessed.

Source: RÚV



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