Flight cancellations at Icelandair after the Icelandic Aircraft Mechanics Association walked out on Sunday


Icelandair was forced to cancel 12 flights on Sunday, 8 flights on Monday and delay a few others after a strike by the Icelandic Aircraft Mechanics Association. The airline announced that “an agreement with the Mechanics Association has not been reached“.

The airline is now working on solutions to avert flight disruptions and apologizes for any inconvenience caused by the circumstances. From the Icelandair website:


We are at the moment focusing on all passengers that have had their flight cancelled and we are doing our best to get them on new flights.  Once you have been rerouted or put on a new flight you will receive a new itinerary provided we have your contact details.  As response times are high on our live Chat and Facebook Messenger, we recommend that passengers that have not received a new itinerary send us their booking reference, e-mail address and mobile phone number and we will send you update information as soon as possible.

For assistance, you can contact us through Live Chat via the Icelandair website. Alternatively, you can contact us via Facebook Messenger m.me/icelandair Open new window or if you wish to speak to an agent by telephone, you may use your local number (see www.icelandair.com).
Messages are handled in the order that they arrive.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience this is causing our passengers.

Current and Expected Disruptions

All times displayed are local times

New Flights in our System, Monday, December 18:
Flight FI219 from Copenhagen. Estimated departure is 02:00 local time
Flight FI504 From Keflavik to Amsterdam, Departure 16:20 Arrival 20:30
Flight FI505 From Amsterdam to Keflavik, Departure 21:20 Arrival 23:30

Cancellations, Monday, December 18:
Flight FI680 from Seattle to Keflavik has been canceled
Flights FI542 and FI543 to and from Paris Charles de Gaulle have been canceled. Passengers going to/from Iceland will be travelling through Paris Orly.
Flights FI528 and FI529 to and from Berlin Tegel (TXL) have been canceled
Flights FI470 and FI471 to and from London Gatwick (LGW) have been canceled
Flights FI318 and FI319 to and from Oslo Gardemoen (OSL) have been canceled
Flights FI500 and FI501 to and from Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) have been canceled
Flights FI430 and FI431 to and from Glasgow (GLA) have been canceled
Flights FI494 and FI495 to and from Birmingham BHX have been canceled

Previous Disruptions

Delays, Sunday, December 17:
Flight FI631 to Boston has been delayed. Expected departure is around 18:30
Flight FI885 to Tampa has been delayed. Expected departure is around 17:40
Flight FI615 to New York has been delayed. Expected departure is around 17:30
Flight FI603 to Toronto has been delayed. Expected departure is around 18:20
Filght FI671 to Denver has been delayed. Expected departure is around 19:50

Cancellations, Sunday December 17:
Flights FI212 and FI213 to and from Copenhagen have been canceled
Flights FI853 and FI852 to and from Chicago have been canceled
Flights FI645 and FI644 to and from Washington DC have been canceled
Flights FI623 and FI622 to and from Newark have been canceled
Flight FI681 to Seattle has been canceled
Flights FI318 and FI319 to and from Oslo have been canceled
Flights FI554 and FI555 to and from Brussels have been canceled
Flights FI568 and FI569 to and from Zurich have been canceled
Flights FI440 and FI441 to and from Manchester have been canceled
Flights FI324 and FI325 to and from Oslo have been canceled
Flights FI454 and FI455 to and from London Heathrow have been canceled
Flights FI312 and FI313 to and from Stockholm have been canceled

New Flights in our System, Sunday, December 17:
Flight FI218 to Copenhagen. Estimated departure is 20:00
Flight FI322 to Oslo. Estimated departure is 18:00
Flight FI323 from Oslo. Estimated departure is 22:45 local time


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