HiFly, first Portuguese airline and 4th European one to get the Airbus A380


Singapore International Airlines (SIA) was the launch customer of the Airbus A380 mammoth aircraft. It is now starting to get rid of the first ones it purchased.

HiFly, the Portuguese ACMI specialist, saw the opportunity to acquire an A380 at a good price. It thus negotiated a deal to get MSN 3 and MSN 5 from SIA, as already mentioned in our forum yesterday. This arrival is a major event for the Company, making it the 1st Portuguese and the 4th European airline operating the model. The A380 is the world’s largest and most spacious airliner.

HiFly says the first Rolls-Royce Trent 900-powered aircraft will arrive in mid-2018 and will be operated “worldwide”, with a 471-seat configuration. This includes 399 seats on the main deck with 60 business-class and 12 first-class seats on the upper deck – the configuration used by Singapore Airlines.

It is not yet known where the aircraft will be based. However, Brussels Airport has a good chance to see them from time to time, as many HiFly aircraft stay at BRU on a regular basis.

HiFly released a drawing of the A380 with its future livery (notice the Maltese registration!):


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