Helvetic goes big: converts the order of four Embraer E190-E2s to the larger E195-E2

Last week, Helvetic Airways received the 1,600th production E-Jet and then flew it a record 7,488 km nonstop from Natal, Brazil, to Zürich in 9h 10m on its delivery flight.Today, the airline announced it is converting four of its remaining seven E190-E2 orders to our largest E-Jet, the E195-E2. The bigger E2s will each have 134 seats in single class compared to 110 seats on the E190-E2s. Helvetic currently flies five E190-E2s and eleven E190s.

Next year, Embraer will deliver the last seven E2s from an order for 12 placed in 2018.

Flying two E2 variants will save Helvetic money and deliver greater operating flexibility. The airline can better match capacity to variations in demand where some routes need the extra seats on certain days of the week or months of the year.

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The E2 family has common crew type rating. The same flight crew operating an E190-E2 in the morning can fly an E195-E2 in the afternoon.


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