Chinese GX Airlines forced to cancel flight after passenger throws coins into aircraft’s engine


Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines (GX Airlines) was forced to cancel one of its domestic flights between Weifang and Haikou, China after a passenger threw coins into the aircraft’s engine. Many Chinese people believe that tossing or throwing coins towards statues or bells means “good luck” and ward off evil spirits. 

Airport staff spotted the coin thrower and alerted the crew. The man, identified as mister Wang, was detained by police. He admitted tossing a handful of coins wrapped in red paper into the engine.

The airline was forced to cancel the flight, and the 148 passengers had to wait until the next morning for the next flight.

Coins in a aircraft engines can damage the blades or even cause a fire.

It’s not the first incident with coin-throwing passengers in China:

(Un)Lucky Air flight 8L9960 cancelled as passenger throws “good fortune” coins into aircraft’s engine

Lucky Air Flight grounded in Anhui after 76-year-old woman tossed coin in aircraft engine



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