Passenger was stung by scorpion during flight in Brazil


A passenger on a GOL Linhas Aereas flight in Brazil was stung by a scorpion

A passenger was stung by a scorpion during the journey on board the GOL Linhas Aereas flight 9185 between Campinas and Fortaleza in Brazil. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-800 (reg. PR-GTQ)
The passenger said he felt something falling on his left shoulder and tapped his shirt to remove it, not knowing what it was about. It was at that moment that he felt the sting on one of the fingers of his left hand.

The passenger was treated by a medical team after landing at the airport in Fortaleza and was released without showing symptoms. The airline also points out that it has already carried out a reinforcement of the aircraft’s fumigation and that it has strict procedures for cleaning and sanitising its aircraft. GOL Linhas Aereas regrets what happened and informs that it is in contact with the Client to offer all the necessary support,” the airline said in a statement.

After the incident, passengers were asked not to open the upper compartments until the start of disembarkation.

Although rare, it’s not the first time a scorpion has been found on a commercial flight.




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