GOL Announces Configuration of Boeing 737 MAX- 8, Combining Operating Cost Reductions and Improved Customer Experience


Brazil’s largest domestic airline, announces today the use of new cabin and seats technologies to configure its fleet of new Boeing 737 MAX-8 aircraft and reconfigure its fleet of Boeing 737-800 Next Generation (NG) aircraft, increasing the number of seats by 5%, from current 177 to 186 seats.

The new configuration to be completed
by July 2018 will maintain GOL+Conforto spaces throughout the Company’s fleet, which have
34-inch pitch (86.3cm space between seats) and 50% greater seatback recline, as well as GOL
Premium class on all international flights.

GOL has a unique fleet of Boeing 737 aircraft, 93 of the 800 NG model and 28 of the 700
model, making the Company Brazil’s leader in cost, punctuality and operational efficiency. A
standardized fleet is fundamental to operate the low cost carrier (“LCC”) model, as it allows the
optimization of crew and maintenance, besides allowing operational flexibility and high
utilization of the aircraft. Currently, GOL is the main customer of the 737 family in Latin
America and one of the five largest in the world.

According to Celso Ferrer, GOL’s vice president of planning, “this new configuration will allow
us to remain leaders of comfort in the Brazilian domestic market, reinforcing our commitment
to customer satisfaction”. GOL is the airline with the largest number of seats in category “A” in
the market, according to the ANAC classification standard. With this reconfiguration, GOL’s
737-800 NG will reduce operating costs and will have the same cost per seat compared to the
A320neo model, considering the current average stage-length of most domestic and South
American routes.

“The Boeing 737 MAX-8, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, delivers even better
operating performance compared to the A320neo, with a significant 8% less cost per seat”, adds
Celso Ferrer. GOL has an order for 120 737 MAX-8 aircraft for delivery up to 2028, with 25 of
them between 2018 and 2020. The Company has flexibility in its fleet plan and will increase the
number of deliveries in this period, further reducing its operational costs. “GOL is a key and
valued partner, we are committed to its success as they transition to the 737 MAX, which will
provide them most efficient and comfortable aircraft in its class” said Van Rex Gallard, vice
president of Boeing.

GOL’s new 737 MAX-8s aircraft, which begin to arrive in the second half of 2018, also will be
configured with 186 seats and GOL+Conforto spaces, as well as GOL Premium class on all
international flights. The 737 MAX-8 aircraft have flight autonomy of up to 6,500 km (compared
to 5,500 km of the 737-800 NG) which gives the opportunity to offer non-stop flights from
Brazil to Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando and Cancun, very popular destinations for Brazilians.
GOL’s customers will continue to enjoy the comfort of Sky Interior cabin configuration, with LED
lighting system, eco-leather armchairs and new luggage bins, known as “Space bins”, with a 50%
greater storage capacity (largest in its category). In addition, the aircraft will be equipped with
Wi-Fi antennas, allowing GOL customers to access the internet and a complete on-board
entertainment platform during flights. “With customer comfort and value as one of its main
priorities, GOL continues to innovate and be a leader in customer satisfaction and low cost
operations” said Van Rex Gallard.

All of these changes increase seat availability improve productivity and reduce GOL’s operating
costs and, together with the arrival of the 737 MAX-8, mark the resumption of growth and
modernization of the Company’s fleet. “These movements demonstrate the commitment and
determination to achieve our purpose: to be a global reference in providing the best passenger
air travel service at the lowest cost”, concludes Celso Ferrer.


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