GoAir Airbus A320 loses engine thrust during go-around at Bangalore Airport, India


On 11 November, a GoAir Airbus A320 (VT-WGR) operated domestic flight G8811 between Nagpur Airport and Bangalore Airport, India. Indian Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said that due to bad weather at Bangalore, the aircraft initiated a go-around. During the go-around procedure, engine number 1 stalled. 

The power on the affected engine was reduced to idle and the pilots continued the go-around. During climb, the engine stalled again and was set to idle. The aircraft then entered a holding pattern and subsequently diverted North to Hyderabad.

After landing at Hyderabad, mud was observed on the main left landing gear indicating that the aircraft rolled on soft ground/unpaved surface during the go-around procedure at Bangalore (see pictures below). The crew confirmed to the DGCA that the aircraft deviated to the left during the go-around.

The aircraft is still grounded at Hyderabad for inspection, the DGCA is currently investigating the flight data recorders.

GoAir Media Statement:

On Monday 11th November 2019, GoAir flight G8 811 from Nagpur to Bengaluru had carried out go around at Bengaluru and diverted to Hyderabad. All the passengers, crew and aircraft landed safely at Hyderabad.

This reportable incident was reported immediately to the DGCA – the industry regulator. Pending the investigation by GoAir and the regulator, the flight crew have been kept off flying duty.

Safety of our passengers and crew is of paramount importance to GoAir and the airline is committed to all aspects of safety.

– GoAir spokesperson


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