Germany will drastically increase its airline tickets tax


As the first effect of its mobilisation for a more virtuous climate behaviour, the German government has adopted a 74% increase in the tax on short- and medium-haul air tickets and a 41% increase in the tax on long-haul flights. All profit for the railways.

The first effects of the climate plan, presented on September 20 by Angela Merkel will be felt very shortly. The German Council of Ministers has on Wednesday passed a bill providing for a 74% increase in taxes on air tickets for domestic and European flights and 41% for long-haul flights. The text, detailing tax measures to promote more virtuous behaviour in transport, housing and energy production, is yet to be debated in the Bundestag.

The result of the vote is not in doubt. Vice-President of the Social Democratic Parliamentary Group in the Bundestag, Achim Post, welcomed the government’s decision. “The coalition demonstrates its ability to act and its determination to achieve rapid political progress for better climate protection,” he said. In concrete terms, for German households, flying will cost significantly more in their country from 1 April 2020.


  1. I think almost everyone wants to have a healthier climate. It’s a darn shame to have travelers pay more taxes when airplanes still have the same carbon footprint. We already feel guilty, have to fly for work or heavens forbid, fly for a holiday or to see family, and pay even more taxes to governments with very, very little to show for… What’s wrong with that picture?

    I support airlines cutting down on carbon footprints and I support aircraft manufacturers lowering tailpipe emissions, but paying more taxes doesn’t convince at all, again. Congratulate yourselves all you want but considering how my taxes are used internationally, it’s becoming time to justify taxes and salaries, the same way taxpayers have to. Let’s even out the paying field now. It will have to happen one way or another.


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