New uniforms at Germania: “Timelessly elegant with plenty of fresh green details”


Germania airline revealed its new uniforms in Berlin on Friday. Both cockpit and cabin staff presented the new dark blue and green look, which will be worn on board with immediate effect. The new work clothing design is part of the modernisation strategy that Germania is implementing to strengthen its position in the future, renew its processes, advance digitalisation and thereby increase efficiency.

We spoke with Markus Alwast, Director Inflight & Guest Experience, Germania and Ursula Muss, Fashion Designer & Managing Director, Q Corporate Fashion about the fashion update, the feedback from employees and the increase in uniform demand.

For the passengers on board, the uniform is all about the outward appearance of an airline. For the flight staff, it is the daily work clothing. Germania has given the uniform a refresh and the staff can be seen in their new attire from this month onwards, as the outfit comes into use. What was the reason behind the new collection?

Markus Alwast: As a service-orientated carrier, Germania is always working on its internal and external appearance. Eight years after the creation of the last design, this also includes a new uniform that meets the requirements of our crews and the usual service standard of Germania. The perception of contemporary and appropriate clothing is changing – both with those looking at them as well as those wearing them. Germania has set out to modernize many areas and to become more visible as a brand. On the one hand, this is achieved by increasing our presence at airports and on the other, through the professional appearance of our employees in the eyes of our customers – with timelessly elegant uniforms.

You could have taken this opportunity to choose vibrant colours which generate more attention. Instead, you are opting for fashionable and smart restraint. Why is this?

Markus Alwast: Germania is an airline with more than 30 years of history and flight experience. We have had a lot of time to get to know our international customer base and their requirements and we make sure that their well-being is looked after constantly. We were recently selected as the “Best Airline – Germany”, based on TripAdvisor customer feedback. This reinforces our belief that we don’t have to be flashy to be seen. We rely on a credible service commitment and friendly interaction with all of our guests. In our eyes, a discreet, respectable appearance with fresh accents underlines this, especially when you are transporting passengers between different cultures across international routes, like Germania is.

What has been changed in the clothing? What is new?

Ursula Muss: Our aim was: fashionable, easy-care and readily combinable. Whether skirt or trousers, blouse, top or blazer – each female member of staff can decide for herself. The wardrobe is also proving popular among male employees, thanks to the larger selection of garments, which can be combined confidently: on cold days, a quilted coat can be worn over the jacket; for that added comfort there is a cardigan. A shirt that can be combined with a tie does the trick on summer days. In total, we have had 26 different new articles of clothing made for the collection, including belts, hats and even socks. We have changed the basic colour of the uniform from anthracite to dark blue in all areas of the aircraft, thereby uniting the cockpit and cabin in visual appeal. The pilots are now also wearing more green, thanks to the new ties.

Uniforms are now not just part of the company’s public image and an identifying feature, but should also be especially practical and suitable for the wearer and their daily workload. What are the requirements for the employees, both male and female, in terms of work clothing, and how were you able to take them into account?

Ursula Muss: Germania has gathered feedback over many years and we used this as a guideline for creating easy-care clothing that is comfortable to wear. We focused on these attributes when selecting the materials. Breathable materials with high stretchability are therefore preferable for daily use. When tailoring the garments, great importance was attached to ensuring that the personnel on board did not feel restricted when moving around. Whether during service, stowing luggage or in exceptional cases such as a medical incident – the uniform must be practical. This includes a good fit under different temperature conditions. Apart from this, the opinions are of course as different as the people themselves. Nevertheless, we have managed to create a collection that has been well received by the flight staff.

How long does the process of creating a new clothing line take, and what does it mean for the company?

Markus Alwast: We needed 12 months from planning through to the finished articles. During this process, we were able to include all flight staff within the Germania Group and –with appropriate timing – take into consideration our growth in personnel resulting from the increase in our fleet size to up to 36 aircraft. Germania has issued uniforms to more than 1200 employees and has identified and implemented necessary changes during individual fitting rounds. It is important to us that our employees feel comfortable with their work on a daily basis and that they have modern working equipment available to them to make their roles easier and increase service levels. The uniform plays a big part in this and no effort was spared with the individual fittings.

BERLIN – 27 April 2018


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