Georgian Airways to connect Berlin Schönefeld with Tbilisi from next Summer season


The city of hot springs


From the 26/03/2018, Georgian Airways will be connecting Berlin Schönefeld with Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the Georgian airline will be flying their Embraer 190 plane to Tbilisi as part of the summer flight plan. The flight, which will offer business and economy class, lasts three and a half to four hours. When you reach your destination, the city centre, located 20 kilometres west of Tbilisi International Airport, is easily accessible by car, bus and train.


With its interesting geographical location amongst the Caucasus Mountains, Tbilisi is surrounded by the mountain range on three sides. As a result, city districts are partly located on the mountain slope, resulting in large differences in height between individual parts of the city.

The Georgian name Tbilisi translates as ‘hot spring’. This name stems from the hot sulphur springs which bubble up around the city and have been used by bathhouses since the 17th century. A visit to the oriental bath quarter guarantees pure relaxation and is simply a must.

The eventful history of the Georgian capital city, which has belonged to various empires throughout its life, is reflected in its architecture and culture. Oriental and western buildings, influenced by Art Nouveau and socialism, share the narrow streets. A surprising variety of religious buildings also characterise the image of the old town: Directly next to each other you will find various Christian churches, a cathedral, a synagogue and a mosque, as well as the remains of an ancient temple.


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