From Air Force One to Trump Force One…

Trump Organization Boeing 757-200 © Tomás Del Coro –, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Aviation journalist Jon Ostrower, the editor of The Air Current, got a tip that someone is searching for a single Rolls-Royce engine capable of flying one flight. But why? And what does this have to do with the President? Jon made some research and found out the following.

There’s a leading indicator that will definitively tell the world if President Donald J. Trump has decided to leave the Presidency. It’s his aeroplane.

His private Boeing 757-200 registered N757AF has been stored at Stewart Airport in upstate New York since 2019. If it’s going to fly as his personal plane again, it will need maintenance. Jon Ostrower was told that there has been a hunt for a single Rolls-Royce RB211 engine needed for one cycle, which is to say one takeoff and one landing for the 757. The one cycle, in this case, is a departure from Stewart Airport to an earmarked MRO facility in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The aeroplane has been largely dormant for a while and its systems and components are overdue for maintenance. The tipster told Jon that it wasn’t kept service ready because the President, wrongly, “didn’t think he’d need it again for another four years.” A 757 is indeed less prestigious than the Air Force One Boeing 747.

So, in short, when N757AF moves to the maintenance facility in Louisiana, the aeroplane is being prepared to fly Donald Trump as a private citizen.

Trump Force One is an informal name for The Trump Organization’s private jet, comparing it with Air Force One, originally used by Donald Trump. The name was coined before Trump became president of the United States and was in use by his supporters during his presidential campaign of 2016. The current version of Trump Force One is a Boeing 757 registered N757AF, which replaced a Boeing 727. It is operated as part of “Trump Air”, the air assets of The Trump Organization. (Source: Wikipedia)




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