World’s longest domestic flight beaten by French Bee: an Airbus A350-900’s between Tahiti and Paris Orly

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French bee, sister French airline of Air Caraïbes and subsidiary company of the Dubreuil Group, is proud to announce that it has made the longest nonstop domestic commercial flight between Tahiti-Faa’a, French Polynesia and Paris-Orly, France with one of its new generation Airbus A350-900’s.

The A350-900 (registered F-HREY) took off from Tahiti-Faa’a International Airport at 10.51am on Thursday 14 May and landed at Orly at 3:40pm LT on Friday 15 May. The flight time was 16h49 hours, to cover a route of more than 16,129 kilometers.

As a reminder, on Tuesday May 12, 2020, the aircraft had carried out a cargo-only flight from Orly and bound for Tahiti-Faa’a with a stopover in Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe). Aboard her bunkers, 20 tonnes of medication for French Polynesia. This flight, managed by Hiline Cargo, a specialized subsidiary of the Dubreuil Aéro Group, was loaded by SIFA Logistics.

We are pleased and proud to have been able to complete this record flight under these exceptional circumstances. We would also like to highlight the commitment of our pilots, all volunteers for these flights, and also all of our partners in Orly and Papeete. This record confirms the Dubreuil Group’s choice of a unique fleet of Airbus A350s. It is the most advanced aircraft in the world in terms of energy efficiency,” emphasizes Muriel Assouline, Managing Director of French bee.

The flight was carried out under standard performance conditions of the Airbus A350, with an average altitude of 12,500 meters, at a speed of 940 km/h. The A350’s fuel consumption qualities, 25% less than a conventional long-haul aircraft, enabled it to cross these 16,129 kilometers,” explains Ludovic André, Director of Air Operations and Chief Pilot of French bee.


  1. Is it a domestic flight as it crosses other countries and international waters to get to France?french Polynesia is a territorial collective I think and not actually France as such in the same way Alaska is a state of the USA.even a flight from Alaska to the main part of the USA would be international on it’s route across Canada.of course it depends on one’s interpretation of international.

  2. This is not a record for this route, a Boeing 787-9 Air Tahiti NU flew PPT-CDG on March 15 this year with passengers for a total 10,026 miles (16,135 km) with 15hour and 52 minutes at 33,000 altitude at an average speed of 628 mph (1,011 km/h). Return flight route was similar to BF flight except that it was from CDG not ORY distance by air on that route to CDG or ORY would be very similar since ORY is a 13 km south of Paris and CDG is 23km north-east from the city center.

  3. Wow I don’t know france so big from Europe to the Pacific I guess Spain Portugal Canada and US are French territory
    Sorry is not a record

  4. Who also think there’s something wrong with the time?

    According to the article, the plane took off at 10:51AM on 14 may and landed at 3:40PM on 15 may, and spent a total flight time on 16h:49hours(should be minutes)

    I wanted to assume the plane took off at 10:51PM, but the flight time of 16h:49mins (16h:49hours in the article) won’t still make sense, as the flight time should be 16h:58mins.

    I think the article needs to be reviewed.

  5. The times make no sense what so ever, as there have no reference, are they local, GMT or what?

  6. Times are local and do make sense as there is a 12 hour time difference between Papeete and Paris.

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