Low-cost long-haul airline French Blue will change its name into French Bee to avoid JetBlue lawsuit


French low-cost long-haul airline French Blue will change its name into ‘French Bee’ to avoid a lawsuit of American low-cost airline JetBlue, the airline said in a press release. The French airline has its base at Paris Orly airport and operates a scheduled network between France and worldwide leisure destinations.

After a year of operations with a successful launch in Reunion we reached an agreement with the U.S. DOT, we are seeking to conquer new territories quickly and calmly. To avoid a costly and extensive lawsuit with JetBlue we decided to change our brand, these brand changes will be adapted as soon as possible.

The first flights from Paris-Orly South to San Francisco and Tahiti will be operated from 11 May 11 onward. French Bee will offer two weekly return flights throughout the year and a third rotation in high season.


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