Forem (the employment public service of Wallonia) and Liege Airport fly together


To support the development of the airport, Liege Airport and Forem join forces and meet the needs of handling personnel: specific training is organised to support the creation of 430 jobs.

From left to right: Fabrizio Giancola, HR Manager LACHS; Pierre-Yves Jeholet, Walloon Minister of Economy; Marie-Kristine Van Bokestal, Head od Forem; Luc Partoune, CEO Liege Airport

The ground handlers LACHS (Liege Air Cargo Handling Services), Aviapartner and Swissport are developing and recruiting different profiles. To support their growth, Liege Airport and Forem (the public service of employment and vocational training of Wallonia), become partners in a Task Force to organise training courses to meet their human resource needs. 430 job seekers from the region will have the opportunity to find a job.

To date, 3 professions are concerned:
• Ramp Agent
• Cargo Warehouse Agent
• Air Freight Office Employee

The first training will concern the profession of “Cargo Warehouse Agent”. This 8-week training course at the Forem Logistique Liège Competence Centre will end with a 4-week internship at LACHS, Aviapartner or Swissport. Upon completion of training, the job seeker will get his full driver’s licence and will have acquired skills and knowledge that will enable him to be operational. Every 5 weeks, a group of 12 job seekers will begin training to meet this important airport’s demand for qualified staff.

In addition to this specific Task Force training, and while continuing to meet the needs of other companies, Forem is committed to:

  • Give an airport specialisation module to jobseekers already qualified/trained in these professions
  • Adapt the training courses already organised at the Forem Logistique Liège Competence Centre by integrating an airport specialisation module
  • Offer a personalised approach to each company or group of companies by providing integrated packages: advice, employment and training assistance, customised training, pre-selection …

Forem General Administrator Marie-Kristine Vanbockestal: “The entire airport site is an economic hub that blows new life into the Liège region. More than 4,500 direct jobs have been created and new workers are joining the “Liege Airport Community” every day.

The involvement of Forem is not new today. Indeed, for more than 20 years, Forem has been involved in welcoming foreign investors by promoting the local workforce and supporting the growth of the airport’s businesses through an integrated offer: recruitment, advice on assistance to foreigners. employment and training as well as the organisation of qualifying and tailor-made training courses.”

For Luc Partoune, CEO of Liege Airport, the growth of the airport must mobilise all stakeholders: “The mission of Liege Airport is to develop economic activity and we are clearly changing dimension. Both with the growth of our incumbent operators and with the arrival of new companies, the demand for specific profiles is becoming increasingly important. We commit ourselves with Forem to help all the actors of the site. These 3 courses represent only the beginning of a long-term partnership.”

If the priority is given to the handlers, it is indeed the intention of Liege Airport to meet the airlines, freight forwarders, etc … to list their needs and develop appropriate training.

Pierre-Yves Jeholet, Vice-President of the Walloon Government and Minister of Economy, Industry, Research, Innovation, Digital Technology, Employment and Training concludes:

I am delighted to see Liege Airport launching a tailor-made training programme in partnership with Forem, which should meet the manpower needs of the different handlers at the airport. Too many Walloon companies today are restricted in their development due to a lack of trained personnel whereas at the same time many people are looking for work; it is to answer this paradox and to encourage companies to launch training programmes that I took a series of measures to tackle shortages.”


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