Norse Atlantic Airways and Flyr to offer connected journeys, powered by Dohop technology

  • Norwegian carrier Flyr is the latest to join Norse Atlantic Airways’ interline platform
  • Both Flyr and Norse Atlantic Airways will be able to provide a range of new destinations to their passengers without having to open new direct routes, whilst also increasing revenue 
  • The technology behind this partnership is powered by Dohop, who provides assistance in case of disruptions

Norse Atlantic Airways today announced the arrival of Flyr to their interline platform. The new connection between Norse Atlantic Airways and Flyr allows passengers to book and travel to more locations across Europe and beyond.

The platform, which was first made available in July of this year, already offers travellers 600+ weekly connections to airports throughout Europe and the US. The connected journeys are made possible through partnerships with other carriers like Norwegian and easyJet. With the addition of Flyr to the platform, passengers will be able to reach global destinations and benefit from extended offers between Tromsø, Oslo, and New York. Without having to establish new direct routes, Norse Atlantic Airways and Flyr will be able to offer new destinations to their customers.

The partnership is powered by tech provider Dohop, whose API-based technology automatically generates the best fares and prices for users. A single booking process allows passengers to make connections between flights on different airline networks. In the event of a delay or disruption, Dohop manages the connection while the airlines maintain customer ownership.

“We are very pleased to further expand our connectivity offering to our passengers. Combined with our previously announced airline partners, we will be able to provide even greater choice and convenience for passengers wishing to travel across the Atlantic,” said Zoe Osborne, Head of Commercial Partnerships, Norse Atlantic Airways.

At Flyr we are pleased that through the partnership with Norse Atlantic Airways and Dohop we will be able to offer our guests, and a wider number of potential guests, a wider reach to international destinations and enjoy the benefits of virtual interlining,” said Thomas Ramdahl, Chief Commercial Officer, Flyr.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing together two forward-thinking carriers like Norse Atlantic Airways and Flyr with this cost-effective solution, facilitating growth, new commercial opportunities, and offering complex itineraries across Europe and North America to their passengers,” added Sarah Hanan, Chief Commercial Officer at Dohop.

Oslo/Reykjavik, December 6, 2022


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