Flying Green, a new and sustainable airline based in Paris Orly, aims to startup in 2023


Flying Green, the new and sustainable French airline wants to launch its operations out of Paris Orly, France, from 2023. The brand name already announces it, but the airline indeed affirms: an airline that is different from other airlines. Green, environmentally friendly and premium. 

The airline aims to launch in 2023, based on a business plan that was revealed on 6 December. Flying Green wants to combine “economic performance, a minimal ecological footprint and high-level technical skills“.

According to its website, Flying Green will be the only French airline having a fleet of latest generation aircraft that is quieter and consumes 20% less fuel. The airline approached Airbus for the acquisition of three Airbus A320neo. To finance these three aircraft, the startup will launch a fundraising campaign in 2022.

Flying Green is committed to implementing all existing technologies that are the most efficient for the environment, from the start of its operation. It wants to be the quietest airline company and aims to be the first “net zero emission of CO2” by adapting, as and when, to new certified technologies in order to maintain a high level of safety. A passenger travelling with Flying Green will thus reduce their CO2 emissions by 16% on average.”

Flying Green’s business model

• The use of aeronautical biofuel, Flying Green undertakes to use at least 5% of Sustainable Aviation Fuel from the start of operations.

• The latest generation of aircraft fleet which is quieter and consumes less fuel.

• “Green” operational procedures in flight and on the ground.

• The choice of eco-responsible partners.

• Human resources committed to sustainable development, with an environmental ethics charter signed by all employees. Zero paper, 100% recyclable waste policies as well as maximum digitisation are implemented from the start of the company’s operations.

Client experience 

“Ambient airspace lighting also has the advantage of creating pleasant atmospheres for all phases of flight. In addition, this LED technology allows passengers to better adapt to jet lag. Lighting can also be segmented by class to best suit the ambience of each area of ??the aircraft.

Airspace cabins are the quietest cabins in their class, making a significant contribution to passenger well-being.

Arrive relaxed and refreshed with the exceptional comfort of Airspace, previously only available on long-haul aircraft.

True long-haul comfort in the widest single-aisle cabin includes flexible seats – including larger Business seats and Economy seats – as well as new ergonomic sidewalls and extra-large Airspace XL containers. These can store 60% more luggage, so your belongings can always be near your seat.

And when you’re not dreaming, look outside and see more – we’ve fully integrated the shades to maximise visibility and allow in more natural light.

Provide the latest technology and seamless connectivity on board.

The Airspace cabin brings state-of-the-art technology to offer passengers a seamless connected travel experience. To enhance this experience, an in-seat power supply is available so passengers can use their personal electronic devices as they would at home.

The Covid-19 crisis has drawn increased attention to the hygiene and disinfection of cabins. The Airspace cabin has many advantages that can be used by operators (flight attendants). In addition to the non-contact functionality for all toilets, the cabin is already applied with antimicrobial coatings.

In addition, clean air has always been a priority for Airbus when designing the cabin. Air in Airbus cabins is a mixture of fresh air drawn in from the outside and air passed through efficient High Efficiency Particulate Filters (HEPA), which remove 99.9% of airborne particulate matter. air up to the size of microscopic bacteria and viruses. In all Airbus cabins, the air is renewed every 2 to 3 minutes in flight.”



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