Moldovan airline Fly One creates Armenian branch

Fly One Airbus A320 © Par Anna Zvereva from Tallinn, Estonia

In March of this year, the company “Fly One Armenia” was created in Armenia, a cooperation of the family of the Armenian pro-government deputy Khachatur Sukiasyan with the Moldovan company Fly One, which owns 46 percent of the business, Moldovan press agency IPN reports.

The creation of Fly One Armenia can be considered another extension of the Moldovan air network.

Mircea Maleca, the CEO of Fly One Armenia LLC, is the former head of the Civil Aviation Administration of Moldova (2015-2016) which owns 50% of the Moldovan Fly One. Prior to leading the civil aviation industry, Maleca was CEO of Air Moldova in 2013-2015 and, prior to that, its Chief Financial Officer. Currently, 10% of the business is registered in his name and 40% in the name of his ex-wife Ina Maleca.


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