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Two Finnish Air Force Hawk 51’s “intercept” Finnair Airbus A320 before it gets a water salute at Helsinki Airport


On Monday 27 May, two Finnish Air Force Hawk 51’s scrambled Leijonat, the Finnish men’s national ice hockey team that became World Champion on Sunday.

Finnair operated an Airbus A320 (OH-LXM) to pick up the world ice hockey champions at Bratislava, Slovakia and to bring them back to Helsinki.

Finavia welcomed Ice Hockey World Championships winners with a water salute

Leijonien lentokoneen vesitervehdys
The Finnish gold medalist team that won the Ice Hockey World Championships arrived to Helsinki Airport during the afternoon of May 27. Finavia congratulated the team with a great water salute.

The Rescue Service’s new fire rescue vehicles, the so-called “Panthers”, sprayed a large water arc with water cannons above the team’s aircraft. Water salute is an international tradition that is used to mark significant events. The aircraft was then directed to its place with ice hockey sticks, according to the sports theme.

Leijonat saapuvat Helsinki-Vantaalle
Photo: The team arrived in Finland with gold medals on their neck to meet their loved ones and discuss with the media. In the foreground, coach Jukka Jalonen.


Joukkueen kapteeni Marko Anttila
Photo: Team Captain Marko Anttila and other lions were welcomed back to Finland, with characteristic words by Helsinki Airport.


Kultaa voittanut joukkue pokaalin kanssa
Photo: The media was present to meet the gold medalists.



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