Strike and support strikes will have a significant impact on Finnair flights on Sunday March 5 and Monday March 6


The strikes and support strikes taking place on Monday, March 6, between 3am and 9am in Finland will have a significant impact on Finnair’s operations despite the fact that Finnair is not in any way a party to the labour dispute between the Finnish Aviation Union (IAU) and the service sector employer union, Palta. Critical ground handling services, provided by Finnair’s subcontractors, are expected to be very limited or not available at all during the strike and support strike actions.

Finnair is forced to cancel the following flights on Sunday, March 5, and on Monday, March 6. Flights are also expected to be delayed on Monday.

Cancelled flights are:

On Sunday

AY327 Helsinki – Vaasa
AY229 Helsinki – Turku
AY269 Helsinki – Tampere
AY575 Helsinki – Jyväskylä
AY517 Helsinki – Kuopio

On Monday

AY320 Vaasa-Helsinki
AY230 Turku-Helsinki
AY270 Tampere-Helsinki
AY574 Jyväskylä-Helsinki
AY522 Kuopio – Helsinki
AY671 & AY672 Helsinki – Gothenburg – Helsinki
AY211 Helsinki – Kokkola – Tampere – Helsinki
AY503 & AY504 Helsinki – Kuopio – Helsinki
AY215 Helsinki – Mariehamn – Turku – Helsinki
AY363 & AY364 Helsinki – Oulu – Helsinki

Finnair will inform customers booked on these flights directly with text messages and by email. More information will also be available at

Customers whose flights won’t be operated due to the strike or support strike can either seek a refund for the ticket price, or change their travel date until March 20 without extra charges.

We are extremely sorry for the trouble and inconvenience the strike and support strikes will cause. It is very regrettable that our customers’ journeys are either delayed or cancelled due to these strikes. Finnair is not a party to this dispute. We naturally hope that the parties find a solution to their dispute as soon as possible,

says Jaakko Schildt, Finnair’s Chief Operating Officer.

Customers travelling on Monday March 6 should prepare for flight delays during the whole day. Finnair’s on-board meal and drink service will also be limited due to the strike. Only water can be served on domestic flights and water and sandwiches can be served on European flights. The delivery of pre-order meals and other products will also be significantly restricted.

Finnair recommends customers to travel only with hand luggage whenever possible, as also baggage handling will be disturbed. Normal weight and size limitations of hand luggage must be followed.

Longer waiting times are expected in Finnair’s customer service, and we ask for customers’ patience. Customers can contact Finnair via the Chat service on Finnair’s internet pages, by phone or in social media by sending a message to @finnairhelps on Twitter or a private message on Finnair’s Facebook pages.

More information about the strike and support actions can be found on Finavia’s internet pages at


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