First Finnair A350 flights are now on sale, including to Brussels

A350-900_FinnairThe starting dates for flights with our new A350 aircraft have now been published for the winter 2015–2016. Book your flights now and be among the first to experience the next generation of flying! 





A350 longhaul flights will start:

Helsinki–Shanghai25 Oct 2015AY057
Shanghai–Helsinki26 Oct 2015AY058
Helsinki–Beijing21 Nov 2015AY051
Beijing–Helsinki22 Nov 2015AY052
Helsinki–Bangkok4 Dec 2015AY089
Bangkok–Helsinki5 Dec 2015AY090
Helsinki–Hong Kong1 Feb 2016AY069
Hong Kong–Helsinki2 Feb 2016AY070
Helsinki–Singapore5 May 2016AY081
Singapore–Helsinki6 May 2016AY082

The dates are as of 9 April 2015. Finnair reserves the right to make changes due to operational reasons

During October 2015, we will also test the new aircraft on flights within Finland and Europe. Below you can see all the destinations where we’ll fly with our new A350.

Helsinki–Rovaniemi05 Oct 2015AY421
Rovaniemi–Helsinki05 Oct 2015AY428
Helsinki–Oulu05 Oct 2015AY2369
Oulu–Helsinki05 Oct 2015AY2370
Helsinki–London06 Oct 2015AY831
London–Helsinki06 Oct 2015AY840
Helsinki–Frankfurt07 Oct 2015AY821
Frankfurt–Helsinki07 Oct 2015AY822
Helsinki–Stockholm (Arlanda)07 Oct 2015AY645
Stockholm (Arlanda)–Helsinki07 Oct 2015AY650
Helsinki–Paris08 Oct 2015AY871
Paris–Helsinki08 Oct 2015AY890
Helsinki–Copenhagen08 Oct 2015AY667
Copenhagen–Helsinki08 Oct 2015AY668
Helsinki–Amsterdam09 Oct 2015AY841
Amsterdam–Helsinki09 Oct 2015AY842
Helsinki–Oslo09 Oct 2015AY659
Oslo–Helsinki09 Oct 2015AY658
Helsinki–Barcelona10 Oct 2015AY3271
Barcelona–Helsinki10 Oct 2015AY3270
Helsinki–Málaga10 Oct 2015AY735
Málaga–Helsinki11 Oct 2015AY736
Helsinki–Hamburg11 Oct 2015AY851
Hamburg–Helsinki11 Oct 2015AY852
Helsinki–Barcelona11 Oct 2015AY3269
Barcelona–Helsinki11 Oct 2015AY3272
Helsinki–Brussels12 Oct 2015AY811
Brussels–Helsinki12 Oct 2015AY812
Helsinki–Málaga12 Oct 2015AY735
Málaga–Helsinki13 Oct 2015AY736
Helsinki–Berlin13 Oct 2015AY911
Berlin–Helsinki13 Oct 2015AY912
Helsinki–Gothenburg13 Oct 2015AY677
Gothenburg–Helsinki13 Oct 2015AY674
Helsinki–Düsseldorf14 Oct 2015AY703
Düsseldorf–Helsinki14 Oct 2015AY704
Helsinki–Vienna14 Oct 2015AY767
Vienna–Helsinki14 Oct 2015AY768
Helsinki–Munich15 Oct 2015AY803
Munich–Helsinki15 Oct 2015AY804
Helsinki–London15 Oct 2015AY995
London–Helsinki15 Oct 2015AY996
Helsinki–Brussels16 Oct 2015AY811
Brussels–Helsinki16 Oct 2015AY812
Helsinki–London16 Oct 2015AY995
London–Helsinki16 Oct 2015AY996
Helsinki–Barcelona17 Oct 2015AY3271
Barcelona–Helsinki17 Oct 2015AY3270
Helsinki–Málaga17 Oct 2015AY735
Málaga–Helsinki18 Oct 2015AY736
Helsinki–Copenhagen18 Oct 2015AY661
Copenhagen–Helsinki18 Oct 2015AY666
Helsinki–Barcelona18 Oct 2015AY3269
Barcelona–Helsinki18 Oct 2015AY3272


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