Finnair traffic performance in April 2015: slight decrease


In April, Finnair’s overall capacity measured in Available Passenger Kilometres decreased by 0.3 per cent and traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres by 2.6 per cent year?on?year. Passenger load factor was 77.5 per cent.

The capacity in Asian traffic decreased by 2.9 per cent and the traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres by 3.3 per cent year?on?year.

The capacity in European traffic grew by 5.4 per cent and traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres by 0.3 per cent year?on?year.

In April, the cargo capacity in scheduled traffic, measured in Available Tonne Kilometres grew by 2.7 per cent and Revenue Tonne Kilometres decreased by 4.2 per cent year-on-year.  Cargo load factor in scheduled traffic was 55.1 per cent. The cargo overall figures reflect a structural change from the comparison period, as Finnair withdrew from the use of leased Nordic Global Airlines freighter aircraft capacity in Asian traffic. In April, the cargo traffic consisted almost entirely of belly cargo on scheduled flights.

In April, 90.6 per cent of all flights arrived on schedule (93.2).

Traffic statistics for May are published on Monday, 8 June 2015.

Finnair Traffic Performance April 2015

April 2015  %-Change  Year-to date 2015  %-Change
Total Traffic
Passengers 1000811,31,13 094,62,6
Available seat kilometres mill2 501,7-0,310 216,22,3
Revenue passenger kilometres mill1 939,0-2,67 961,31,1
Passenger load factor %77,5-1,9 p77,9-0,9 p
Cargo tonnes total10 233,1-19,240 662,8-15,1
Available tonne kilometres mill365,9-3,51 499,4-0,9
Revenue tonne-kilometres mill234,8-8,2954,0-4,0
Overall load factor %64,2-3,3 p63,6-2,1 p
Passengers 1000514,43,21 818,94,8
Available seat kilometres mill1 047,75,43 900,75,6
Revenue passenger kilometres mill802,30,32 944,72,4
Passenger load factor %76,6-3,9 p75,5-2,4 p
North Atlantic
Passengers 100013,7-14,776,42,6
Available seat kilometres mill110,8-5,8696,58,2
Revenue passenger kilometres mill90,7-14,7551,43,1
Passenger load factor %81,9-8,5 p79,2-3,9 p
Passengers 1000129,4-3,2548,70,9
Available seat kilometres mill1 234,1-2,95 121,40,1
Revenue passenger kilometres mill968,6-3,34 110,50,1
Passenger load factor %78,5-0,3 p80,30,0 p
Passengers 1000153,8-0,4650,6-1,8
Available seat kilometres mill109,1-12,6497,6-7,6
Revenue passenger kilometres mill77,4-7,1354,7-1,7
Passenger load factor %71,04,2 p71,34,2 p
Cargo Traffic
Cargo scheduled traffic total tonnes9 166,3-5,835 386,7-0,6
Europe tonnes1 840,2-14,16 796,1-7,2
North Atlantic tonnes480,0-29,32 660,7-2,0
Asia tonnes6 705,5-0,725 363,91,7
Domestic tonnes140,6-8,1565,9-8,4
Cargo flights, tonnes**1 066,7-63,75 276,1-57,0
Cargo tonnes total10 233,1-19,240 662,8-15,1
Available tonne kilometres* mill108,5-12,2446,3-1,0
Revenue tonne kilometres mill61,4-21,0241,7-16,3
Available sched.cargo tonne kms*, mill.101,62,7415,115,3
Revenue sched.cargo tonne kms, mill.56,0-4,2216,80,3
Cargo load factor* %56,6-6,3 p54,2-9,9 p
– North-Atlantic cargo load factor* %45,7-11,8 p42,2-17,1 p
– Asia cargo load factor* %58,2-2,5 p55,2-6,6 p
Scheduled traffic Cargo load factor*, %55,1-4,0 p52,2-7,8 p

* Operational calculatory capacity

** Including purchased traffic

Change %: Change compared to the figures of the respective periods in the previous year

(p = percentage points)

Available seat kilometres, ASK: Total number of seats available, multiplied by the number of kilometres flown

Revenue passenger kilometres, RPK: Number of revenue passengers carried, multiplied by kilometres flown

Passenger load factor: Share of revenue passenger kilometres of available seat kilometres

Available tonne kilometres, ATK: Number of tonnes of capacity for carriage of passengers, cargo and mail, multiplied by kilometres flown

Revenue tonne kilometres, RTK: Total revenue load consisting of passengers, cargo and mail, multiplied by kilometres flown

Overall load factor: Share of revenue tonne kilometres of available tonne kilometres

Finnair Plc.  Stock Exchange Release 11 May 2015 at 09:00 EET


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