Finnair Traffic Performance in December 2014


In December, Finnair’s overall capacity decreased by 1.5 per cent and traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres grew by 0.2 per cent year?on?year. Passenger load factor was 77.0 per cent.

The capacity in Asian traffic decreased by 4.2 per cent and the traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres by 3.2 per cent year?on?year.

The capacity in European traffic increased by 1.5 per cent and traffic measured in Revenue Passenger Kilometres by 4.3 per cent year?on?year.

In October–December, the passenger unit revenue* per available seat kilometre increased by 1.8 per cent year?on?year and totalled 5.26 euro cents.

In the last quarter of 2014, the passenger unit revenue increased for the first time since the first quarter  of 2013, This positive development resulted  mainly from the improved passenger loads factors in almost all traffic areas,” says Finnair CFO Erno Hildén.

In cargo, traffic measured in revenue tonne kilometres decreased by 0.9 per cent and the overall capacity grew by 8.5 per cent year?on?year. The load factor fell by 5.8 percentage points year-on-year and was 61.6 per cent.

In December, 82.2 per cent of all flights arrived on schedule (82.9).

Finnair changed its traffic reporting practices at the beginning of the winter season and discontinued reporting leisure traffic as a separate traffic area. These changes were communicated on 7 November 2014 with a separate release.

*Unit revenue = Ticket revenue/ASK.

December 2014Change
Jan -Dec 2014Change
Total traffic
Passengers, 1000721.23.99,629.63.9
Available seat kilometres, mill2,405.0-1.530,888.8-0.9
Revenue passenger kilometres, mill1,852.80.224,771.70.0
Passenger load factor, %77.01.3 p80.20.7 p
Cargo tonnes11,317.5-3.8149,140.91.7
Available tonne kilometres, mill361.9-2.24,644.3-1.4
Revenue tonne kilometres, mill235.4-0.23,130.20.7
Overall load factor, %65.01.3 p67.41.4 p
Passengers, 1000423.96.36,004.35.0
Available seat kilometres, mill888.01.512,239.40.9
Revenue passenger kilometres, mill693.04.39,649.31.0
Passenger load factor, %78.02.1 p78.80.1 p
North Atlantic
Passengers, 100017.41.2221.0-7.3
Available seat kilometres, mill159.71.01,776.8-6.2
Revenue passenger kilometres, mill122.50.91,512.1-7.5
Passenger load factor, %76.7-0.1 p85.1-1.2 p
Passengers, 1000125.1-3.11,691.1-1.0
Available seat kilometres, mill1,234.8-4.215,564.4-2.0
Revenue passenger kilometres, mill950.9-3.212,741.4-0.3
Passenger load factor, %77.00.8 p81.91.4 p
Passengers, 1000154.94.01,713.36.8
Available seat kilometres, mill122.53.41,308.14.1
Revenue passenger kilometres, mill86.36.6868.96.6
Passenger load factor, %70.52.1 p66.41.6 p
Cargo traffic
Cargo scheduled traffic total, tonnes9,129.41.5115,470.61.2
– Europe, tonnes1,901.83.123,949.21.8
– North Atlantic, tonnes661.1-3.47,646.3-0.5
– Asia, tonnes6,403.21.382,063.21.2
– Domestic, tonnes163.313.01,811.9-2.1
Cargo leisure traffic, tonnes0.00.0
Cargo flights, tonnes**2,188.2-20.933,670.43.6
Cargo tonnes total11,317.5-3.8149,140.91.7
Available cargo tonne kilometres*, mill.112.98.51,420.4-1.3
Revenue cargo tonne kilometres, mill.69.6-0.9912.42.7
Cargo load factor*, %61.6-5.8 p64.22.6 p
– North-Atlantic cargo load factor*, %47.6-17.1 p52.0-2.6 p
– Asia cargo load factor*, %60.2-6.5 p63.52.6 p

Cargo ATK’s for the year 2013 are restated due to more accurate metrics implemented in calculation.
* Operational calculatory capacity
**Including purchased traffic


Traffic statistics for January are published on Monday, 9 February 2015.

Finnair Plc      Stock Exchange Release         8 January 2015 at 09:00 EET


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